How much does the monthly subscription cost?

Basic: $28 a month
Advanced: $34 a month
Personalized: $148 a month

What is included in the subscription?

See the plan chart HERE

Can I cancel the subscription anytime?

Yes, just send an email to asking to cancel your subscription

How do I sign up?

Click here to SIGN UP

How do I download the app?

Once you sign up, youโ€™ll receive an email with the link to download the app

Do I need to be in shape in order to follow this program?

No. All of the exercises in the program are scalable, meaning you decide the level of difficulty of each exercise depending on your current level of fitness

What equipment do I need?

Access to a pull-up bar, dip bars, and a sandbag (or any other kind of weight).

How many workouts are there a week?


How long will each workout take?

Around 60 minutes

Are there demonstration videos?

Yes, you can access them through the app

What if I have more questions?

Please send an email to, we would love to help you with any further questions.