Krav Maga

Training led by expert coaches from the Israeli military & security establishment. Our coaches have years of combat training experience, teaching the most elite units of the Israeli army and its security establishment. Krav Maga training will not only make you stronger and harder to kill, you will learn valuable close quarters combat and self defense techniques, as well as develop your warrior spirit to maximum potential.


Combat Fitness and Military Leadership

Special forces based tactical fitness and mental toughness training. This is your weekly dose of teamwork and leadership building. Consistent trainees have a traditional 90% + success rate of making it into the IDF Special Forces upon drafting. You will also work closely with tactical strength and conditioning specialists who will do their best to get you ready to join any elite unit.

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A 24+ hours special forces selection simulation. This event is led by cadre from Israel's most elite units of the military and law enforcement community. Participants receive personal feedback from the cadre during the course of the event with the intention of helping them improve towards their goals. This event is considered one of the most extreme physical and mental challenges in Israel. The approximate finish rate is 10 - 15%.


Layla Lavan
White Night

A 12+ hour simulation inspired by special forces training, focusing on team work and leadership skills. The approximate finish rate is 75%.